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写真 草壁講師(左)とアメリカ在住のカイロス(右)カイロスが札幌に遊びに来ました!
Photo: Lecturer Kusakabe (left) and Kairos who lives in the United States (right) Kairos came to Sapporo to visit us!


◇ 日常会話レベルの日本語力が必要です。
◇ 簡単な漢字を含め、日本語が読めること。
◇ 教材の発送費は受講者の実費負担になります。
◇ 支払方法はクレジット決済のみになります。

The voice acting school “BRIDGE” also accepts students living overseas. As long as you live in an area where teaching materials can be shipped by Japan Post, you can apply whether you are Japanese or a foreign national. Please study for your own purposes, such as those who want to study voice acting in Japanese, or those who want to improve their Japanese while studying acting. Currently, several people are studying online from overseas. Please check the following notes when applying.

<Notes on taking online courses from overseas>
◇ Daily conversation level Japanese skills are required.
◇ Ability to read Japanese, including simple kanji.
◇ The actual cost of shipping the teaching materials will be borne by the student.
◇ Payment method is only credit card payment.